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Solenoid electromagnet used in high speed train

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Report from our correspondent (reporter liu recruit) yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal ministry committee that a zhuhai enterprises for independent innovation of high-speed solenoid valve electromagnet won the state intellectual property office utility model patent authorization, the product will take the place of imported products used in high-speed locomotive.

It is understood that the independent innovation by the henan aerospace hydraulic pneumatic technology company high-speed solenoid valve electromagnet, has won the state intellectual property office utility model patent authorization. The product has a small start-up voltage, long working life, as well as good sealing property, its performance is better than similar imported electromagnetic valve products, testing in high-speed rail loading now. High-speed solenoid valve is a high-speed locomotive air contactor of high-voltage circuit switch system, as the premise of switchgear electromagnetic valve control system of high voltage circuit open or closed, the high-speed locomotive has been using in our country imported electromagnetic valve products.