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Apple purchase PrimeSense

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According to foreign media, AllThingsD reported that apple now confirmed that they have acquired 3 d Israel PrimeSense sensor technology company. Had emerged earlier this year said apple bought the company, the Microsoft Kniect platform using 3 d from PrimeSense sensor technology. Earlier this month with news that apple is probably for the price of $345 million to buy the company.

Apple spokeswoman Christine Hugo's (Kristin Huguet) confirmed the PrimeSense trading. He also said: "the company will acquire smaller technology companies from time to time, we usually don't discuss purchase purpose or plan."

Reports said PrimeSense is known because it has developed the first generation device sensors for Microsoft. But in the current Xbox One, Microsoft has been in use for independent research and development of sensor technology.

Although apple has previously said to the class to access mobile control products do interest, but analysts say apple bought the company is preparing for the future of TV products. Report said that even if the apple TV product development has been delayed, but apple still think in the future television and similar device equipped mobile control function.